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"The Passing Zone" 

Looking for something different?

You put on a great meeting last time, but now you have to top it. You need something unexpected, unique, fresh, not just the same old speaker, comedian, magician or band.

You've found something different!

You've found roaring chainsaws, cheering attendees, flaming torches and knives flying through the air! You've found an experience. You've found a surprise: genuine laughter, the kind that makes your face hurt.

Chainsaws, thrills, standing ovations.

You've found two grown men who demonstrate partnership by leaping around the stage in fuchsia leotards, with rapid-fire banter, throwing sickles around the body of someone from the audience (or your CEO) as they receive a standing ovation. You find three of your people in astronaut suits flying through the air. You find danger (or so it would seem), laughter, and an inspirational experience your people will never forget.

You've found what you’re looking for.
You've found The Passing Zone!!!


"david Osborne"

- Pianist to the presidents-


David's Video of Hotel California has over a million hits !

THe David Osborne Tri0


 - A Cappella -

Founded in 1991 by Deke Sharon, widely recognized as "The Father of Contemporary A Cappella", The House Jacks of San Francisco are the original “rock band without instruments”.  Using nothing more than their five voices (and mouths, and sometimes bodies), they deliver everything from blistering funk and screaming rock to heart-melting ballads, for anyone who loves music.

Wendy Smith- Brune' has a new Video

COMING SOON .... Stay Tuned ..


"Gordie Brown is one of the most talented entertainers in show business. His show is great! 
Once you see him on stage, you can not help but like him."

Road Manager to Elvis Presley, The Bee Gees, John Denver, The Carpenters and others.

"Through the years I've seen thousands of comedians, and few have caught my eye and attention like Gordie Brown."
Founder of the Improv A&E's "Evening at the Improv"

"Gordie Brown is not only talented, but his performances are unique and refreshing, 
a step above most others who call themselves comedians."


"The audience loved every minute of your performance as indicated by the standing ovations."



“Pianist To The Presidents”
Miami Oklahoma native David Osborne has been playing the piano since he was five years old. He fell in love with the piano at a very early age at the First Baptist Church, in Miami. David’s parents agreed to let him take a piano course offered by the church for a nominal fee at the time. He was so successful that his mother Nina Osborne searched for a teacher close to home. One day while playing the piano by ear on the front porch of his parent’s home a lady approached the house, and told David’s parents that she was a local teacher and would teach David free of charge, as she was astonished at the music David was bringing out of the piano with no formal training. He followed his dream through several local teachers, and then to college to study and receive his Master’s in Keyboard performance.
A serious man with a great sense of humor, his education includes a B.A. from Oral Roberts University in his home state of Oklahoma, other studies at Indiana University and an M.A. from Pittsburg State University in Kansas. David’s recordings on the Northstar Music label have become the number one romantic piano recordings nationwide, having reached millions of fans.
He is a distinguished member of the international roster of Steinway Artists. Osborne’s frequency of playing for present and past presidents has earned him the title of “Pianist to The Presidents.” David has played the White House and throughout the country for former presidents Carter, Bush, Reagan and Clinton as well as a host of dignitaries and celebrities. David has also been awarded his own star on Hollywood”s famous walk of fame.


- Electric Strings -

Unique, ultra-cool, rockin’, elegant, beautiful, smooth, powerful, tres chic, slightly sexy, versatile, musical, visual, and appealing to everyone. PHAT STRAD is an international cast of classically trained beautiful girls playing futuristic electric instruments with an industrial strength club groove.

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Wendy has traveled the world with the genius of soul, and worked as a backup singer for Michael Bolton, Sheena Easton, Chaka Khan, Gloria Estefan, Aaron Neville and Barry White.

Wendy has shared the stage with many great musicians, and has found her place in the music industry, currently performing as a soloist with The Glenn Miller Orchestra, and the legendary group, The Friends of Distinction.  She has also performed at the Golden Globes and The American Music Awards.